April 15, 2012

Weren't you working on a bathroom?

I know I have stopped talking about our upstairs bathroom updates. To be honest, we have not been moving quickly. We do have another full bathroom so that took the pressure off of finishing it. Also, spring has sprung so I can't help but be distracted by the yard work that I have been dying to work on all winter. (more on that Wednesday)
Still, I have some bathroom pictures to show you. I finished painting the walls, ceiling and trim. I like it so much more already. Not sure if these pics will do it justice but I wanted to show you where I was.

I love the white trim around the window. It brightens it up and makes everything look more crisp. Here is a shot of the ceiling. The boob light is not assembled back yet because we are looking into light/vent combos.

This is a shot of the little sink alcove. It was once all cream colored but painting it purple blends it all in and makes the room look bigger.

And remember the infamous linen closet makeover? Well it is still working pretty well. I took the door off to paint the trim white and I am debating keeping it off. We will see when all the accessories are combined.

I also finally cleaned up the mess that was outside of the bathroom. For WAY too long it was looking like this.

There you have it. Not a crazy before and after. I am going to go pick out some accessories this week to hopefully have this bathroom back to working condition.

What did you do this weekend? Anyone take advantage of the 80 degree weather in the north east? I can't wait to show you guys the great work we did outside.

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