April 20, 2012

I am not the only one that needs exercise

It isn't Hubby either. He's been kickin' some serious butt. Remember my New Years resolution to get in shape? Well I have been doing well. It took awhile but I am back to my pre-holiday weight. A big feat considering all the crap I ate. I feel great but I realized that I am not the only one who needs exercise. You have met him before here. That's right. This guy here relies on me to push him as well.

Sure, he's a little lazy.

Okay- a lot lazy.

So it was time to make a pack with him to get him back into his summer shape. Where he can go camping with us and have a ball running and swimming without feeling out of shape. Plus, at 7 years old, he is not a spring chicken. Well he's not a chicken at all but that is besides the point. We started this week going with him on regular long walks. With his trusty harness on (an 80 pound dog is not easy to walk) we started mapping routes for him on mapmyrun.com. Have you used that site? Its awesome. Basically no matter where you live, you can find running or walking routes that people in your area have done or you can map your own route to see how far it is and what type of terrain. I use it a lot in the summer.


So far James has been doing great. He's a little out of shape but it is not as bad as we thought and every day we do this we know that he gets healthier and healthier so we can have him around a long long time.

Have you guys ever gotten your pet on a regular exercise plan? It's like biggest loser all up in our house. Except without the money.... or drama...or Bob.

*I realized I should state that I wasn't in any way perked for talking about mapmyrun. I just really like their site. 

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