August 31, 2011

Meet James

So I think it is only fair to introduce a very big part of my family- our pup. He's a six year old lab/ ridge back mix. He hasn't always made it easy but we couldn't picture our life and all our new adventures without him.
 So how did he join this crazy family?

I got him while I was in college at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). I had NO plans of getting a dog. I was on the crew team and our regatta got cancelled on a Sunday around Easter. We decided to go to the rescheduled Easter Parade on Monument Avenue (the main street in Richmond, VA with all of the confederate monuments). My roommates, neighbor and I ran into a family with two of the most adorable dogs you have ever seen. I mean look at this face.....(it still melts my heart)

I held James and he fell asleep in my arms and I knew when the woman asked me if I wanted to adopt him that it was meant to be. My wonderful roommates all agreed that I had to have him and my neighbor luckily took his brother so the first whole year of his life he had a playmate. Needless to say, everyone ate him up. My friends all loved him and spoiled him rotten with cuddles and treats. One of my friends- Katie- even gave him a little photo shoot so I could always remember him when he was like this:

(insert Awwwww here)
James (named after the James River) went everywhere with me and that included moving every single year since I got him. Our current home is the first time we haven't moved anywhere after a year. It feels good to finally be settled in a place that has a backyard so he can play and a home that he can stretch out in. He loves hanging out with Mom and Dad on the couch, trying to get every scrap of food off the kitchen floor, and our annual camping trip to Canada. Look at our little David Hasselhoff here:

Anybody else replaying the Baywatch soundtrack in their heads right now? - Me too

We couldn't do any of these projects without him and his ability to sleep all day and night when Mom and Dad are working. So thank you James for always sticking close but letting us work at random times on random things!
Check back later to see how the chicken enchilada soup  turned out! I can't wait to get home and try it.

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  1. Hi Lisa, Just checked out your blog. Love to Wander Down Penny Lane with all your great ideas and posts! Kathy


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