August 29, 2011

No garage and no basement= building a shed!

Hi Folks! So the next couple of posts will be about our first large scale home project- building a shed! I should tell you ahead of time that in many of my posts about home projects I will be referring to my wonderfully talented father in law.  (See below)
He has been so patient with us me as I try to learn the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a flat head. (Don't worry- I know the difference now) When we told him that we wanted to build a shed after moving into a home with no garage, no basement and no attic, he was very excited and willing to help us.

The first step we did was to figure out what side of the house we wanted the shed. After deciding that we didn't want to go down our backyard ski slope every time we wanted a hammer, that left us with the left or right side of the house. The left side of the house got very little sun and was wasted space so we decided that location would be best.

**WINNER- left side***

So we know where we want it- now what?

Insert my super FIL. He sent us plans to the shed that he thinks would work. He made it larger since we don't have any other major storage options. He also designed it so the roof was on a slant since it would be close to the house. That way whatever run off came from the house roof would not collect on top of the shed. (I told you he's a genius!) He was inspired by something like this:
picture from

 Tomorrow I will break down the work and let you know how long a project like this really takes. But just to keep your interest here is a picture of the shed almost finished. Bet you're excited now, huh?

Do you guys have a family member or friend that is known as the "handy man"? Have you ever built a shed before?

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