September 14, 2011

Its Still a jungle out there

So when we left, the left side of the garden got a little cleaning and some new plants added to the collection. But what about that jungle of a walkway? If you don't remember, the second part of my garden makeover involved this mess....

The flowers are pretty but the day lilies kept getting bigger and bigger and with our cozy house, I felt that it was too much. So I decided that I wanted to clear them out and create a pattern. Instead of just getting rid of the day lilies, we felt that they could use another home. Remember the shed we built in the back yard?

Well if you look closely you on the bottom left you will see the garden box we built there. Genius right? That's my father in law for you. He always comes up with the best ideas. We figured that it would be nice to have some flowers there to make the place feel more homey. So we transplanted as many day lilies as we could. I will take a picture of them next year when they hopefully come back fighting.

After the garden beds were clear in the front we did a little shopping. We knew that we wanted the plants to be long lasting, small and able to handle part sun. This was not exactly easy. We went to Lowe's first since its closer but their garden section was a bit difficult to navigate and didn't have many part sun options.

Then we went to Home Depot. Here we hit the jackpot. First we found these babies:

A dwarf evergreen shrub. This works great because it can handle part sun, I can keep it cut small and it will last year round. So we grabbed 6. That still left me with what type of flowering plant I could get. That one was trickier. After weaving through the garden center longer we found these:

It's called Lilyturf. I chose this plant because it was a perennial, it stayed low to the ground, it was a pretty blue, purple flowers guessed it- it's part sun. So we went to work planting and mulching. Unfortunatley I forgot to take a picture right after we mulched and it was truly glorious. Instead I took a picture after not only Hurricane Irene but a tropical storm as well.

I love how it is more open now. The walkway looks so much bigger and people can focus on other parts of the garden. Plus now I can line the walkway with annuals to highlight it and lead visitors to the door. I can't wait.

There is still more work to be done. Although I cleared out the right side of the garden when I moved the hostas, I haven't put anything in there yet. I have no idea what to put there and I may have to wait another winter before I figure it out but I'll get there....eventually.

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