September 1, 2011

You mean you can create art for a living!?

Hey folks! I am going to get on my soap box for a second. I love art. Every since I was little I have been really into drawing and painting. As I entered high school I seriously thought about making art part of my career. I realized that art could not only be a passion but a job too. So when my friend and fellow artist Amy overheard this conversation on the train, she couldn't sit by and not do anything about it. She decided to create the artistic rebuttal project.
This project encourages artists of all kinds to send in their statements and feelings about art and what impacts it has on our world. It's amazing when you sit down and look at some of these statements people sent in. It makes you realize how art is everywhere and there are people behind that work that made it possible. Here are some of my favorites.

This is a fun fact that I didn't realize about the national parks.

This one tears at my heart strings:

Of course I couldn't ignore this either and I had to contribute as well. I channeled my statement by thinking of what people use everyday that was created and designed by an artist. Of course it came to me while I was driving one night....
So there is my art tangent. I truly believe that art has helped in my life as well as many others. I encourage you to check out Amy's site and get involved. The more we spread the word, the better!

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