September 12, 2011

Arranging photos in the home

I am working on a fun art project right now that I can't wait to show you but until then I am going to talk about hanging artwork.

Picture one year ago, excited newlyweds moving into their first home.

Good lucking couple, aren't they? :)

Now imagine how petrified I was to put a single hole in the freshly painted walls of my new home. Hanging photos and art can be really overwhelming but I used a few helpful tips when hanging my art.

First, there are many places online you can find tips and inspiration to hanging arts and premade arrangements. One that I found on Pinterest comes from brandsushi.

The first type of arrangement I went with was more random. It worked around the thermostat and light switch.

Since I went all "rogue" on this wall I used the theme, picture tint and color frame to remain cohesive.  Pretty smart huh? 

Another photo collage that was pretty intimidating to me was the staircase. Staircase art is a main focal point for any house especially since mine can be seen from the living room. So I took advice from the great king of rock and roll and remembered only fools rush in. ( I know- that one was pretty corny) I decided to layout my photos on the ground first so I can move them around easier. 

Sorry this photo is pretty blurry. It was done with my phone. I knew I wanted to layout my larger photos on a diagonal and then work my smaller photos to sit in to the pattern. I played with this a little before hanging.
Then the hubby and I worked from the bottom up hanging the larger pieces first and then molding frames around them.

I love how it came out! The best part about it is that it is a work of progress. We will continue to grow our photo arrangement when we find pieces to hang.

The last art arrangement I want to talk about is using the corner of a room to tie in similar art so your eye moves from one wall to another.

When my grandmother moved out of her house I found two watercolor flower pictures that my aunt painted. I decided to get brand new frames and hang them in our guest bedroom. The colors work off of each other really well and the room. It is one of the first things you see when you walk in.

Well those are just some of my walls. I have plenty of blank ones left in my house but I will wait until I find the perfect art to hang.

Does anyone else have severe anxiety over putting holes in their walls like I do? What are some arrangements you have though of?

ps: Wanna see more of my gallery makin, photo takin, art obsession? Check out my newest gallery here.

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