March 20, 2012

Anniversary Post (Recap 1st and 2nd)

Before I begin to dive into our wonderful 2nd anniversary, I think I should start by recapping our first anniversary. When we booked our wedding at Aldie Mansion (more on that here) we knew that we weren't going to be able to take a honeymoon right away. 1. Because we were paying for it by ourselves 2. We were so wrapped up in planning the wedding that we were worried that we weren't going to focus on it like we should and 3. Because Tim was the best man in a wedding the following Florida!

Crazy, right?! It is completely our fault. They had their wedding planned first but I wasn't going to give up that venue and that was the only date open so we went with it. Luckily they were super cool about it and even traveled up to attend our wedding.

Although we didn't take an official honeymoon right away we did go to Florida a few days early to unwind and just enjoy the fact that we survived an awesome wedding!

But I digress. We decided in the following months that we were going to celebrate our first anniversary in Hawaii for our official Honeymoon. So we saved and planned and finally went to Kauai, Hawaii. I will do another post about that crazy trip like where we stayed, ate and explored for anyone interested but for now I will just show some highlights as a recap.
One of the amazing beaches we drove past:

Our Helicopter Tour:

Our amazing Anniversary Dinner:

Needless to say, when it came to topping that first anniversary, we knew it would be a challenge. So we decided to stay local and a little lower key since it fell on a Tuesday and we had added expenses this year such as our brand new car! So we kept it special by heading to our rehearsal spot for dinner: Villa Barolo. It was delicious. The food was amazing and we left a little fuller and a little happier. Of course we also exchanges gifts! I have to admit that as much as I tried to stay with tradition and do something with cotton or china, I gave up and bailed on it. Why? Because trying to get something for a man that revolves around cotton or china is not that exciting! There. I said it!
So instead I got him something that we have had our eyes on. The Soda Stream Pure Soda Maker.

SodaStream Pure Soda Maker
Tim probably drinks more carbonated drinks than anyone I know so when this machine first came out, I wanted to get it but waited to see what the reviews said and of course for the price to come down. Thankfully armed with a coupon and a gift card I bought the soda maker and a dishwasher safe bottle for a great deal. I wont spill the beans because the hubby reads this but believe me- it was a great price.

We also have a tradition where we try to get each other two cards for special occasions. One funny and one a bit more sappy and romantic. This year, we didn't disappoint! :)

As for my gift, well Tim didn't disappoint either! He spent many nights working on it at my parents house. I had NO clue what he was doing. All I know is that he was excited to make it since Valentines Day. He made me this wonderful bench for our downstairs bathroom! He only got to priming it and still needs to finish the details but I am so excited because the work that went into it already is amazing. I should explain that we are not experienced wood workers in anyway so the fact that he took the time to DIY this for me is really sweet.

Look at the molding and trim work. I will make sure to write a finished post as soon as we decided what color to paint it and what fabric to put on the seat. Either way I am so excited. :)

So that was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! I know I can't say this enough but I am so lucky to have Tim in my life. I found him early (high school!) and we have been through a lot together. I wouldn't trade a thing. He is incredibly loving, devoted, generous and kind. He isn't bad on the eyes either. :) I love you Tim! Here's to many more memories together.

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