March 18, 2012

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day! We went down to Atlantic City, NJ for the night with a some friends and it was a pretty fun time. We didn't get much work done on the house but luckily I still had to update you guys on our shower sealing project. When we left off here we were finished grouting our shower and had let it sit for 48 hours like the directions said. Next came time to seal it.

I made sure to get sealer for ceramic tile and for our unsanded grout. Make sure you read the labels! I always make that mistake. I used a small sponge brush but you can also use a small paint brush or a sealer applicator which sometimes comes with the bottle. Since our bathroom is small and the sealer is pretty powerful, I worked with gloves and a face mask. Better safe than sorry, right?

*Warning: this incredibly attractive picture of me might be too much to handle.* (That was sarcasm in case you didn't pick that up) Go easy on me. I had just gotten back from the gym.

I poured some sealer into a red solo cup and got to work covering every grout line with the sealer. Follow your bottle directions carefully to ensure you don't have to do this again (because its a pain). My directions said to make sure you don't let the runny sealer dry on the tiles so as I went over the grout lines I wiped the tiles down if it started to run on them. After I did the whole shower once, I went over it again since my bottle suggested sealing it multiple times.

It doesn't really look that much different but now the grout is protected even longer from dirt and mildew. (Win!)Which means less cleaning for me. (Double win!) We let it cure for over 2 days before testing it out with some water. When the water beaded I jumped for joy since I didn't have to do this least not for another 6 months or so. Did you know you should seal your grout every 6-9 months? I didn't either but if it means I keep my grout lines clean and I don't have to scrub all the time, then I say bring it on.

Next up, repainting the bathroom walls and trim! Hopefully this week...

What did you all do for St. Patty's Day? Anyone work on projects or did you spend the day drinking green beer? :)

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