March 22, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Traditions and little Touches

Oh man. All this lovey dovey stuff is probably getting annoying for some of you. But don't worry. We will be back to regularly schedule programming next week. I have some great recipes and some bathroom progress to show you. :)

This Flashback Friday topic will be traditions and little touches. (to check out our other wedding posts, go here, here and here) Traditions differ between families, religions and countries. It is very common to feel pressured to have some traditions but Tim and I learned quickly that we should decide what to do. So we began to prioritize and figure out what was important to us. Here are two examples.

Tim and I were both raised Roman Catholic. It plays a slightly bigger part on my father's side because my uncle is a priest. So one of the first decisions Tim and I made was to get married in a church by my uncle. After all, he baptized me, gave me communion and confirmed me. Why not throw a wedding in there too, right? :)

It meant a lot to both of our families (esp. Grandmothers) so it was worth it. We didn't stick with the full tradition though. We didn't have communion. We decided not to do that because a lot of our bridal party wasn't Catholic as well as a lot of our friends. I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Plus, lets be honest, it made the service go quicker which I hate to say, was a factor. Although we got some slack for it, I still feel like we made the right choice.

The next tradition we decided to compromise on were wedding pictures. Tim and I like to be goofy and relaxed so we were not too worried about formal photos. Our parents however wanted a few. So we compromised. We did a very quick church photo session.

Then we went to the reception and had a lot of fun with the rest of the bridal party!

Those are only two examples but the point was to show all those bride to be's that it is possible for you to compromise and just follow your plan and do what you want to do at the wedding. It is YOUR big day after all. So have fun :)

As for little touches, I am blessed with two talented moms. My mom made an adorable flower girl basket. She crocheted it following a pattern. She incorporated a green ribbon to keep with my color scheme.

My mother in law made a beautiful ring bear pillow using white and green ribbon. It was so nice to have both of them make something special for our day.

My mother in law also made my veil. It was simple like I wanted with just a little bit of bling along the edges and the top of the comb. She took a piece of tool, cut it to the length I wanted and then glued it to a comb and sewed the line of bling around it. It came out really great and saved us a couple hundred dollars.

So that is a little more insight into our big day. We followed some traditions while maybe tweaking or ditching others. And the little touches also helped make our day even more memorable and unique.

What is the little detail that you remember from your big day? How about traditions? Did you ditch any or did you stay the course the whole way?

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