March 16, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Its all in the Details

Happy Friday! In honor of our March anniversary I am going back in time and celebrating parts of our wedding that made it perfect for us. (check out our posts on the venue and flowers) This week its all about the reception DIY details. :)

One of my favorite things we had at the wedding was a DIY photo wall. I love the concept of photo booths but they can get pretty pricey so when I came across a cut out wall on I knew it was perfect. My father in law said it was simple enough so he got to work and made this wonderful gallery wall.

Unfortunately I do not have any pics of him making it but all he did was take a 1/2'' thick piece of plywood and nailed some painted 2X4s to suspend it up and cut out holes for some thrift store frames that my mother in law made. We covered it in thrift store wall paper and kept covered coffee cans on the platform to anchor it.

What are those baby pictures, you ask? For my bridal shower my maid of honor created a matching game where you guessed who each bridal party member is in the pictures. I loved them so much that I added them around the cut out frames. People had fun trying to guess who was who at the wedding. And a lot of people took advantage of the wall to capture some memories... except me! I was so busy, dancing, eating and having a blast that I forgot to pose behind it. It happens but it was still a big hit.

Looking good Dad!
That wasn't the only picture theme we had going. We also had pictures of Tim and I throughout the years. We are high school sweethearts so we were together for about 8 years before we got hitched. Needless to say, we have done a lot together and loved to document it.

We also included wedding pictures of our parents, grandparents and even some great grandparents.

Another detail at the reception came from my father in law. At a conference he went to, each of their name tags had a conversation question to help break the ice so we thought that would be great. We had trivia questions or random statements about us as a couple. Guests told me later that it really helped; especially if they didn't know many people at the table.

One last DIY part of our reception that I am going to talk about is a birdcage for our wedding cards. They can get pretty expensive so my mother in law got creative and found an old birdcage at the thrift store, cleaned it and got a wedding topper and painted it to look like us. She even added a fuzzy beard to mimic my hubbys.

It was a hit and all of these details really made our reception even more personal. I love looking back and seeing these. Tuesday is our anniversary (March 20th) so it will be a double duty love fest up in here.

Anyone else have any great details that they did at their wedding reception? Wedding season is gearing up so lets spread the love...and ideas.

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