June 12, 2012

Puppy Fair and camera fun

Our town is very small. Like I can walk all four corners of it in less than a day. So when they host fairs or festivals, we try to go support them and meet neighbors. This past weekend was the annual Roslyn Pet Fair. It's a vendor fair celebrating our pets and offering opportunities to support worthy causes and get some awesome flair.
We packed up the pup and walked over there. He didn't realize what was going on right away but he was excited.

There were puppies everywhere as well as cats, snakes and rats (oh my!). There were also rescue centers and it was great to learn more about the local shelters for all of the great animals out there.

James got to make a lot of friends and many people commented that they would have never guessed he was already 7 years old since he looked so excited and peppy. We were excited to see him so happy as well.

All in all it was a great way to start the weekend (especially because a lot of it was spent cleaning). Plus, I got to spend the morning playing with my new camera. Here is a shot I took of our beautiful lilies in our front garden.
Next up, how we spruced up our back deck. Have you guys ever gone to a Pet Fair? I was surprised how many people came out in our small little town.

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