June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend is a time to remember the soldiers of our country and the sacrifice they make to their country. This weekend is also a  time for a little vacation, family, friends and a lot of food. Tim was out of town so my friends and I decided to go to The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest.
We had a blast going from vendor to vendor to see what fun items they created. One of the places we stopped had melted down wine bottles into serving trays and hanging pieces (almost like stained glass).

There was another artist that painted on slabs of stone. The pieces were very detailed and easy to get lost in. I almost walked away with a small forest scene but I managed to resist.

Of course, there was food as well. I actually tried (for the first time) Fried Oreos! I have to say that it felt like I was eating a funnel chocolate cake. It was definitely yummy but I can only handle so much at one. Still, worth trying!

This wine/food festival is held at the location of the Renaissance Fair so not only do we enjoy great food, wine and vendors but we also get to see some great buildings and sets.

... and have a little fun of course!

(You guys remember our dessert guest blogger Jonelle)

That cottage I showed you above had an interesting door mantelpiece.

Who knew T-Rex was around during the Renaissance?

So what fun activities did you guys do over the break? Anyone hit the beach? Or visit their local renaissance fair grounds?

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