June 4, 2012

A Very Merry Birthday...to Me!

That's right. Last Thursday 5/31 was my birthday! It was a whirlwind.The big 2-7! haha To be honest, it doesn't feel different at all. In fact, I had been telling people that I was 27 since Tim has been for the past 7 months. Since it was a workday I went to work like any other day. My other coworker and I have birthdays about 4 days apart so we celebrated them together at work on Thursday with wraps from a local place and this delicious fudge chocolate pound cake from The Bakery House. YUM! This was the quickest picture I could get on my phone before it was all gone.

When I got home Tim and the pup were waiting for me to take a quick walk to work off my cake from lunch so I could enjoy my next meal. Then I got to open my extremely generous gift from my boys: a camera! But not just any camera. A Canon Rebel EOS T3i! I have been wanting one for awhile and I am really excited to have this new wonderful toy to play with. Plus, now the blog pictures can actually look cleaner, crisper and overall just better quality. A win all around!

After squealing for 20 minutes about my new toy, we then went out to dinner at our favorite local spot: Bocelli's. It is a quaint little Italian Restaurant located in an old train station in Gwynedd Valley, PA at a local stop on the septa transportation line.

Believe me, if you live around there, you need to go. They are so nice and always have great fresh specials. Its always a fun experience to go there. It is a special occasion place (meaning more than your local Taco Bell) but well worth it. And its BYOB for all of you wine lovers out there :)

When we got back my family came over for some ice cream cake (a tradition on my side of the family) and some more presents. I couldn't feel more loved (or full!) on this perfect day.

*all photos from the restaurant are from their website. Go! It's delicious :)


  1. Yay!!!!!!!! Tim mentioned to me he wanted to get you a nice camera and was asking me about mine, but I didn't know he actually got it for you!!! Enjoy!! I've been reading up more about how to shoot in manual - I want to take the next step!

    1. I am sooo excited :) I have been searching for classes but I am more of a research and try kind of gal. My ultimate goal is to also go manual. I'll post my research when I find it.


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