June 5, 2012

Summertime changes

I am finally realizing that it is now June and I need to get into a summertime mode. I realized this when I was outside this past weekend and I looked at my vegetable garden. You may remember when I planted our small potted vegetable garden earlier this spring. They were so small.

Now our lettuce has been growing by the boatloads. This is our 4th or 5th time cutting the lettuce and it was due for another round.

And the tomatoes are growing each and everyday. We placed a wire fence around the pot to keep the tomato plants stable.

In fact, you can even see some little tomatoes growing. I can't wait to make some tomato sandwiches!

I also decided to finally change our spring mantle. I am not totally in love with the new look (it needs a banner or something) but it works for now until I can keep tweaking.

Oh, and are you wondering who that wonderful bobble head is?

It's Charlie Manuel from the Philadelphia Phillies! It is baseball season after all. :)

How are you guys prepping for summertime? It usually takes me awhile to realize that the new season is here but now that it is, I am excited!

1 comment:

  1. Lookin good! And I'm thinkin the bump out look perfect for having your best friend over for dinner!!! And we might be able to squeeze in some room for a high chair :)


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