January 13, 2012

Home Goals for 2012

Umm, before I start, how cute was James in my earlier post? He never voluntarily snuggles with me so when he climbed over and wedged himself next to me, my heart melted. I am still smiling.

But back to the post. I heard that The Nester was doing a home goals challenge for 2012 so I decided to take the opportunity to write down my goals...well just one main goal. I'm excited about this year. Tim and I are ready to make some major changes to our house. We have been in it for 18 months and we have been saving for one of our biggest changes yet...do you think your ready for this jelly?


Beautiful, gorgeous hardwood floors! Don't get me wrong. I have really enjoyed our house so far but with a dog it is so hard to keep the carpet clean and dust free. I also love the look and so does the hubby. It's not always easy to get us to agree on house decor so that is another win.

We are looking at a lot of places for prices but until we share what we find, here are some inspiration photos that we found to motivate our decision.

Pinned Image

I love the mixed woods and neutral palette. Or this one...

Pinned Image

This room was made for me. I love the floor, the texture, the couches with the hints of blue and the beams..I can't get the beams in this house but they are a dream.

I am excited to share our adventures of installing the hardwood floors, staining and sealing them soon.

As for my other house goals, they are all listed to the right of the page. I plan on tackleing a lot of them over the next year or so and I will probably be adding to the list as well. I'm excited to be sharing all those do's and don't on this page during the year.

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