January 6, 2012

It's a Christmas Craptacular

Remember the post about my office decorations?

Well I got the inspiration from another Matthews that knows how to decorate for Christmas...

That's Tim's Uncle Phil and his beautiful wife, Sharon. Every year they welcome us into their home to experience what has been lovingly referred to as the Matthews Christmas Craptacular. For as long as I have known this family, Uncle Phil has been decorating the inside of their house for Christmas. It's not just a simple tree with stockings on the mantle. It is every decoration you can think of in every direction you can imagine.

Maybe instead of trying to explain it, I should show you what I mean. Get ready...

See what I mean?

Let's break down all the awesome work that that man goes through for his family and friends to enjoy.

1) First all of the kitchen cabinets are carefully wrapped in decorative Christmas wrapping.
2) Lights are hung around the perimeter with care.
3) Next, the chandelier over the dining room table is decked out in Snowman lanterns, garland, and ornaments.
4) Ornaments and strings of beads are hung from the ceiling.
5) I am sure there are a ton of decorations that I am leaving out but let's keep moving.

Impressive right? It's like Christmas Exploded in their house. Here are some more angles for you to get the real idea of the awesome decor.

Here is a blurry glimpse of the mantle and bookcases in the living room. They are covered with every stuffed animal for Christmas you can think of as well as garland and mini Christmas trees galore.

What's that you say? You want another close up of that chandelier in the first picture. Okay.

It's beautiful. I love the ornaments from the ceiling. He spent 8 hours hanging each of those ornaments. First he hot glued fishing line to the ceiling where he wanted the ornaments. Then he went back when they were dry and hung all of the ornaments. It's pretty amazing and time consuming.

Finally I have a picture of their tree but I have to warn you. It is much more impressive in person. Most of the ornaments seen in the picture are actually moving and making noise. There are more disco balls on there then you realize. I wish I took a better picture but I was too busy stuffing my face full of delicious dips and chatting with family that I forgot to snap one later.

It's pretty big. I couldn't even get it all in the shot. I love the disco balls. It makes me want to get some for our tree next year.

So that is a glimpse into one of our most treasured family traditions... visiting Uncle Phil's Christmas Craptacular.

What's your favorite part? Mine is hands down the ornaments hanging from the ceiling. 

PS: In case your wondering, the outside of his house only has a single lit star guiding you to their house. :) It's simple and gives no indication of what awaits you inside.

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