January 2, 2012

Yes I baked..and no it wasn't a success

So do you remember when I said I wasn't a baker. Here's a reminder. Well I still attempt to make chocolate chip cookies to bring to neighbors or family members for the holidays. I mean it's chocolate chip cookies. It isn't rocket science. Wrong.

I started by gathering everything I needed.

Now I usually ignore the directions when they say to mix the wet ingredients with the dry ones. But this time I didn't.

Impressed? ...you should be. That is a big step for me. So as I mixed everything and placed the dough on the sheets I was feeling pretty good.

And even when they came out, things were still looking good.

But here is where I went wrong. The cookies were good. Soft, chewy and delicious. But then I left them out to long and stored them without thinking and they became hard as rocks. Ugh!

So I wanted to relay 3 great tips I got from friends and family about how to store cookies so they stay soft. I am definitely going to try all of these for the next time I dive ito baking cookies.

1) place a piece of bread in the tupperware container with the cookies. A family member swears by this and her cookies are pretty amazing.

2) Also storing with an apple wedge has also been recommended. I think I am willing to try anything.

3) Take the cookies out earlier so they remain softer.- I do this but they still get harder later.

So there are a few tips hopefully my fellow newbie bakers can use for the future. Anyone else have any good tips? I think I am moving in the right direction. I just need more practice. Now if only Timmy would eat desserts.

ps: Here is the recipe I used for the cookies. They tasted great so I would recommend them. And they are a little healthier too. Just don't store them the way I did and I'm sure they will be perfect!

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