January 10, 2012

New Year...New Recipes

Well since, I have been slacking a little bit on my "working out" resolution, I figure I might as well work on my other resolutions like working on my blog. Hope you like the new updates. :) I also want to try to post some sort of cooking post once a week since I love trying new recipes and although I love cooking Italian, I want to explore some things outside of my comfort zone.

Last year when I tackled my first crock pot soup of the colder season it was a success despite my mistakes. So I was excited to try this Crock Pot Potato Soup Recipe that I got from Pinterest.
Pinned Image

It looked good and it didn't require anything that I didn't already have. When I see ingredients like that, I figure its meant for me to try. So this morning (even though I was running pretty late) I made sure I prepped the crock pot.

So I started by cleaning off the potatoes and dicing them. I added the garlic and the chicken broth. Then I started the crock pot on low for 10 hours and left for work, hoping for the best.

I was really looking forward to this all day to be honest. I ate really healthy food all day and was ready to dive into some delicious potato soup. When I got home it smelled great and looked...interesting.

I didn't want to judge yet so I decided to keep going. While I was blending 1/3 of the recipe with cream cheese, I was also cooking bacon.

I know, I know. The bacon is too big for the pan. But this is what I pulled out and I wasn't going to use two pans...because let's be honest everyone- no one likes to wash two pans when they can only wash one. :)

Anyways, at the end, it was looking pretty good.

I was excited.

But it wasn't that great. It let me down like my hair on a rainy day. (You can't tell from my previous posts but my hair is pretty thick and curly.)

The recipe called for the skins to stay on but I think it would have been a lot better if I peeled them off before cooking them. I also realized that I didn't put quite enough broth in. It could have used a little bit more flavor. Plus, I think it might be great with another vegetable in there.

Overall I think this recipe has potential but I don't want to back it or post it until I have it right. So for now, call this a sneak preview. When I make it again with a few modifications we will see if this is a winner.

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