May 25, 2012

J&K Wedding Weekend Part 2

After the delicious rehearsal dinner, I was even more excited for the wedding day. Since my hubby was the best man, I decided to go hang out with the boys at the grooms parents house in the morning. They were calm and collected and playing some fun yard games.
It was pretty hot out on Saturday so we made sure they took shade/"hydrating" breaks.

We also brought the pup since this is a dog friendly zone and he had some fun swimming and playing fetch.
After all the games and relaxation, it was time to suit up. I have to say I really loved their suits. They were gray and green and looked and fit great.

Of course- being boys, they had to have a little fun with the photo shoot.

But off to the wedding. The ceremony was outside at a place called the Phoenixville Foundry. It was a beautiful day.

The bridesmaids dresses were really light and pretty and the flower arrangements at the wedding were simple and elegant.

After the wedding, we all met up for cocktail hour inside. Here we are all dolled up! 
The cake was delicious. If I am correct, I believe it was an amaretto pound cake with raspberry mouse and buttercream frosting. YUM! 
My camera did not take great pictures of the food, tables and dancing so when I get those pictures from my friends, I will make sure to share them. Overall it was a great event and a ton of fun. Congrats Jim and Kate! We love you guys :)

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