May 8, 2012

Making the upstairs shower usable again!

After all that work we did grouting and sealing the shower upstairs, it was looking pretty bare... pretty and shiny but bare.

So we headed out in search of a fun curtain and shower caddy. We used to have a brown shower curtain and it made everything much darker so we stopped at Walmart and grabbed a lighter and colorful curtain.
taken with my iphone and tweaked on instagram to hide the camera phone issues
*Side bar:You can see the original trim color in the door color vs. the new white trim that I recently painted. See how much darker the old trim was? I gotta get on those doors next.*

Since we wanted our decorative curtain to fall right on top of the shower ledge, we also grabbed an extra long clear shower curtain for the inside of the shower. That will actually be the functional one that keeps all the water in. It is working out pretty well so far.

Finally we hit home goods to choose our shower caddy. We had to keep in mind that Tim and I both have larger bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash so we measured each shower caddy level. We were left with this one.

It is a little more decorative than our usual taste but I like that it ties into the shower curtain design and it fits all of our shower supplies. Finally we can use our shower again.

Have you guys done any fun small projects lately? This may be small but its a big deal for us to have our shower upstairs again.

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