May 24, 2012

J &K Wedding Weekend part 1

I am very excited to be writing this post. Two of our good friends, Jim and Kate, tied the knot this past weekend and it was a very exciting extravaganza. We have known Jim for awhile. We went to high school together and a group of us have remained pretty close. I am pretty proud of that since it is not always easy. When Kate came in the picture, Jim became a whole new man and quickly they became a great team. We started the wedding weekend out with a wonderful rehearsal dinner.

It was at the Kimberton Inn. Its a very picturesque location. I failed in taking any outside shots. Here is a close up of the beautifully decorated tables.

We were all very excited to start the celebrations and the photo taking so we snapped a quick shot of the boys before dinner.

psst: Grooms on the left
I wish I took pictures of the meals. They were delicious. I got the lamb and Tim got the chicken. I also had a delicious hot fudge sundae where the fudge tasted like brownie mix! They were delicious. We of course took some great table shots as well of all of us.

Afterwards we started have some fun photo sessions. Let's be honest. We all don't dress up nicely that often so its nice to take advantage of it.

The happy couple!
what a ham!
This last picture of the night for us is a tradition. Our friend Jim has what we call, "Jimmy thumbs". It was a staple in many of his pictures throughout the years. So anytime he is around we like to capture that memory and reenact the "thumbs". Kate was nice enough to oblige at the rehearsal.

It was a great night and only a small sneak peak at the great wedding the next day. Tune in tomorrow for shots from the pre-wedding hang outs, the wedding and the rocking reception!

Do you have a memorable rehearsal dinner you've been too? I remember our food being awesome at ours. (however I could have been just excited to eat a sinful meal after dieting for our wedding) I will definitely remember the pretty tables and awesome fudge in the sundaes at Jim and Kates.

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