May 3, 2012

Highlight Reel...Outdoors and Arts and Crafts

I realized that this week of highlight recaps is really helping me appreciate the work we have done so far rather than focusing on what we haven't done yet. It can be really discouraging when you don't take a second to appreciate it all. Since we tackled the home projects and food, lets talk about the outdoors and arts and crafts.

I started the year recapping a painting I finally finished of my father-in-law and his pup. Then I came clean about my addiction to photos and art, showed off my valentines project to my hubby, and had fun wrapping wine bottles in yarn.

 As Spring approached, I gave my mantel a facelift, planted our veggie garden in pots, and vowed not to be one of those neighbors.

As the warmer weather rolls in, I will be working more and more outside. Plus, I am already reaping the benefits of the veggie garden. I will update you more on that after the rainy weather moves out of our area.

Last stop on the highlight reel is wedding detail recaps and everything else!

ps: Did you drool over the food recap yet?
pps: We also recapped the indoor projects over the last 4 months. You can check that out here

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