February 16, 2012

Wrapped around my...umm... bottle?

Happy Friday Everyone! I am really excited to be heading to Drexel's AAGA Art Auction tonight. I will write about what I donated on Monday and I will make sure I post pics about some of the great art I see there. But until then I wanted to show you guys the other project I have been working on from my sneak peak the other day.

Well this project was another pinterest inspiration. After the holidays...well lets just say... I had a few extra wine bottles sitting around. I was thinking about what I can do with them. I love the shape of the bottle but I wasn't crazy about the color. So after searching the web I came up with these great inspiration ideas.

found here
I loved the colors in this one. It would go with our house pretty well.

Pinned Image
from here
So I started collecting all the wine bottles, made sure they were clean and raided my mother in laws garage for some yarn and went to work. I used a hot glue gun since I didn't really have any other glue that I thought would work as well. Although it was hot at times, I think it worked.

I started from the bottom up. I wasn't worried about it looking perfect. Once it was done, it would blend in well and the dried glue would cover the wine bottle where the yarn didn't meet.

*Heads up* This project took me about a bottle every 2 hours so make sure you have either a great CD or a fun marathon to curl up on the couch with. I went with Scrubs...a classic.

In the end, I love how it came together.

Since I was so happy with this one, I decided to keep going. I had white and tan yarn so I decided to mix it up and create strips going up the bottle. It was a little more tedious to do since I had to switch yarns but I liked how it came out.

(Yes- I took this picture on the floor. In my defense I am trying to work on taking better pics with my point and shoot sony camera and this lighting seemed better.) Here is a pic of them together.

I love them. Now I just need to keep going and finish the rest of them. But that is for another day. I will probably do at least one all white and one all tan. Then maybe I will try another design. So what do you think? Do you have any fun projects that you accomplished with wine bottles?

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