February 7, 2012

Crazy Town

So I am a bit preoccupied this week. It might have something to do with the fact that tomorrow night Tim and I are heading to NASHVILLE! And of course I haven't packed or even done the laundry for that matter.

This weekend getaway was one of my Christmas gifts from Tim. He said it was really for both of us since neither of us have been there before. I'm excited because we are both country fans. In fact, when we met in high school (yes in high school!) Tim was very into country music and when we became friends and eventually dated, he got me into it. And we wouldn't be true country fans without visiting the Grand Ole Opry. We will be seeing Josh Turner sing. Have you ever heard him? His voice is smooth and crazy deep. Check out him singing here. I dare you not to hum or sway along.
We will be taking care of seeing all the music we can see and cramming all the BBQ in our mouths that we can find. But what else is out there? Has anyone ever been there? Any tips? Sorry I don't have much for you today but on Friday I will be leaking some sneak peak projects.

Now I have to address that whole laundry issue...

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