February 12, 2012

A little bit country and a whole lotta denim outfits

I tried being sneaky. It failed. While I went on a little vacation which I will get to later, I tried posting from my phone and it didn't quite work. The dates came out wrong. So in case you missed my sneak peak for later this week, here it is.

Now I can't wait to tell you about my awesome little getaway with my hubby to Nashville. I spoke on Wednesday about jet setting there thanks to a Christmas gift Tim gave me and we had a blast. We landed in Nashville on Thursday night. After we checked in to our hotel we decided to hit Broadway St. which is home to every major country bar you can think of. We went to Rippy's BBQ and enjoyed some delicious pulled pork and listened to a great country cover band. We had a blast even though we were a little tired from traveling all day.

We ended up listening to the band later into the night since they were pretty solid and decided to sleep in a little the next day. Friday morning we woke up and decided we needed to find a hidden treasure in Nashville. So we checked foodnetwork.com and did a map search of local places that someone from the food network went to. Here we found Arnold's Country Kitchen where Guy from Diners, Drive In and Dives went. And it did not disappoint.

It may look a little rough around the edges inside but the food is amazing and the people are so nice. In fact, coming from the Northeast, its amazing to be surrounded by so many polite and friendly people all the time. It was a nice change of pace. Don't get me wrong. I love the North. I have lived here all my life but sometimes we can be a little impatient.

Fried Catfish, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy are just some of the delicious food we enjoyed there. I highly recommend it when you visit Nashville.

After our bellies were full we decided to hit the Ryman Auditorium, the original home to the Grand Ole Opry and the mother church of country music. They are currently refinishing the floors so we got in on a discount and it was amazing to be in such an iconic place.

This is us sitting in the best seats in the Ryman. Its amazing that it is pew seats and they still use this method in the new Grand Ole Opry house. But more on that later... Here are some more highlights from the Ryman tour.

I love the classic style posters that they still use for current concerts. Here I am next to one of my favorite performer, Keith Urban. *swoon*

After we finished touring the Ryman we actually did something surprising...we hit the gym. I am trying really hard to get in shape and so is the hubby so we hit the gym for a quick run and then got ready to head to the Grand Ole Opry.

Before the concert we headed backstage to see what happens behind the scenes.

We got to see some of the dressing rooms. They each have a theme and I loved seeing some of the ways they decorated them to incorporate classic country looks with glitz and glamor.

That was the songwriter room. Legends line the walls and comfy leather couches and posh orange chairs keep things rich and comfortable.

I can't remember this one's name but its a Women in Country theme room. Classic women country stars line the walls and a plush blue couch screams comfy and girlie.

This is the Rock n Roll themed dressing room. There are many decorating decisions that I would never have in my house but I guess I am a little more country and a little less Rock N Roll. haha (corny, I know)

If you ever visit the Grand Ole Opry, I recommend taking the back stage tour. It was awesome. You got to see what its like back there and you even get to walk on stage and stand on the 6 foot circle of original flooring to the Ryman where people like Johnny Cash performed.

The concert was great. It's a live radio show as well so there are commercials and things constantly changing on the stage. It felt like everyone there had a backstage pass. And we had great seats. Here are some shots of the performers.

This is "The Farm." First time on the show and they did a great job.

Diamond Rio. They are best known for one of my favorite songs, "One More Day with You". They were great.

The main act was Josh Turner. He was so good. He has a great voice that melted all the ladies in the audience. He isn't bad on the eyes either. It was a great time.

We finished our trip on Broadway enjoying the music at Legends- this great bar with live music where many legends have performed. It was a blast and we even had a visit from a legend himself.

And as for the denim comment earlier. Let's just say that denim is not entirely out of style. There were many outfits solely made out of denim and people were rocking it. Many places had these displayed for sale as well and they were not cheap.

Hot. Well not really my style but they seem very popular. So that was our trip in a nutshell. We had a great time there and met some really great people and listened to some great music.

How was your weekend? While we had a blast, during the trip we also heard about Whitney Houston. Pretty sad. She had a killer voice. In her honor I will end with a classic song that will forever be remembered (in my mind) as her song.

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