February 2, 2012

The dreaded "boob light"

In the effort of full disclosure, this happened awhile ago but since I said that this blog was to include all of our accomplishments in the house, I think this needs to go in there. You see, when we moved in, our entire house was lit with these.

The dreaded Boob light. (And don't try to tell me that you don't think of a boob when you see it. Common!) Most of our house is still lit with these but I knew that I wanted to change out our master bedroom for a ceiling fan light. I know this isn't exactly the most popular decorative style but when you are married to a man that is heated like Jacob from twilight, you learn to love fans.

I don't exactly have the entire process but I know it started with removing the boob light and accessing the electric wires. (Of course this was done with the power off to ensure safety)

You can see the dirt ring from the boob light. Luckily that wiped off. Tim did all the electrical. It wasn't easy. Wire are finicky. Especially in a house you are still getting used to. In fact, our bed was looking like this for awhile.

This is a sneak peak into our bedroom by the way. I have yet to take an updated picture of it. After Tim finally got the wiring figured out (it may have taken a few tries) he started to put the fan together.

See what I mean about Jacob. He is costantly running at a warm 100 degrees. It's great in the winter for snuggling on the couch. :) In the end the fan was perfect for cooling us off at night during the warm summer nights.

What I love about the fan is that it was simple but such a big improvement from that dreaded boob light. Plus the browns from the wood in the fan highlights our shades and furniture set. It also works well with the green walls. All in all an A+.

So what little projects have you done that makes you giddy with pride? Do you have as many boob lights as we do. One down- Five more to go. I know Timmy was excited to have this checked off his list and we were both grateful for the airflow.

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