February 21, 2012

Mastering our Bedroom...or at least thinking about it

Do you ever notice that when you own a house you worry so much about the rest of the house that you forget to decorate your own bedroom? Or even make it functional in any way? Well we are at this point. We have been in our house for almost 19 months and all we did was paint, hang some pictures and stick our over sized furniture in there. Still- I owe you pictures so here it is.

This is the view walking in. We bought this furniture from Craigslist. I love the color wood and the headboard design. There were old plastic blinds on the windows but I took those down and replaced them with wooden blinds from downstairs.

This is the view from my corner of the room. We brought this dresser from our first apartment. Yay Ikea. That's also our iddy biddy closet.

This is where I was just standing. James' bed is in tucked in the corner in front of our crawlspace.

This is our door and the other corner of our room. (See my new shoe rack hard at work) Now that the shoe rack is there, I need to rethink that random picture collage. That mirror was also suppose to be attached to the dresser in the picture but we can't do that with the slanted ceilings and we like having that mirror reflecting the light.

Here is our tiny tiny closet... and loose cable wire. We have some work to do.

This closet was outfitted with a closet organizer but it can barely hold my fancy tops. And if you know me, you know I don't own that many pieces of clothing.

This is the built in dresser that had when we moved in. We like it a lot and this has been our inspiration for some fun projects that we are thinking about starting this weekend. We want to expand our walking space and closet space because right now Tim and I have clothes spread out over three closets. So we are going to take some measurements this weekend and draw some designs but to give you some ideas of our inspiration here are some things I have pinned on pinterest.com.

I loved that this had a built in large closet and also a workspace or ledge for placing things you use everyday.

Closet between wall studs

This is a great image from BHG.com. They took dormers and made a built in but had a ledge for a plant or pictures. Tim has a lot of work shirts and pants that this would be perfect.

Pinned Image

This image has some great open built in shelving. This would be cool to incorporate.

So any tips or thoughts about our built ins? It would create some great storage for us without having to deal with losing more floor space. Or is it a mistake to take away those crawl spaces?

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